Pastoral Prayer 10/13/19

Pastoral Prayer 9/15/19

Let us begin our prayer in silence. Let us pray:

O God, we thank you for the gift of music. On this Music Sunday, we are grateful for singers and
organists….pianists and guitar players…..handchime ringers and drummers….music directors
and instrumentalists…..and the many, many other musical expressions of our faith we enjoy so
much. O God, sometimes words alone cannot adequately express our love for you….So often
music speaks for us…and inspires us….and renews us….and reminds us of your love and
care….Again…we thank you, God, for the gift of music…..and in particular, the ministry of music
within our FCC church.
We pray today, God, for those who may find it difficult to sing because of uncertainty, or
loneliness, or worry, or grief, or pain, or guilt, trouble, or sickness. Remind them, and remind
us, that there is always a song….always a melody…..that can speak to our hearts at any given
moment….even when our hearts are heavy and our spirits are low.
O God, we ask you to hear the songs of your people today….whatever songs you may be calling
us to sing: Songs of peace. Songs of healing. Songs of justice. Songs of hope. Songs of love.
Songs of faith. Songs of praise. Songs of oneness. And songs of thanksgiving.
God, help us to be a joyous and committed people….seeking, through word and deed, to be a
beacon of your love…and hope….and Christian freedom in our community, in our lives, and in
our world.
Teach us to sing a new song of harmony, and unity, and compassion, and peace,
Through the One who is known by many names…but who is best known as Love…..Amen.

Adapted from a prayer by Robert McDowell