Stewardship 2023-24

Dear First Congregational Friend,

It is almost April and time to think about our collective opportunity to “grow together” as a church community as we begin our 2023-2024 Stewardship campaign. The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor has been rooted in faith, family, and friends since 1847, and the impact on our faith community has been truly spiritual. As we look to our commitments of time and treasure to our beloved church, we ask you to reflect and consider the impact First Congregational has had on you and your family.

As my wife Colleen and I have reflected in our over thirty years at First Congregational, we feel blessed to be a part of such a diverse and supportive faith community that has impacted us personally. First Congregational has also had a major impact on our three adult children, Andy, Kelly, and John, who grew up in our church and were shaped by its people and ministry.

Our new fiscal year begins July 1, and the church is experiencing many of the same challenges we are all facing – trying to do more with less. Our Trustees continue to be excellent stewards of our financial resources and even with prudent budgeting, our operational needs continue to grow.

The Trustees have set an ambitious goal of $578,000 to be raised during this campaign, a 6% increase from last year. We encourage everyone to at least match, or possibly increase, your current pledge amount so we can achieve this goal. If, on the other hand, the pandemic or circumstances have affected your ability to pledge, we understand and support you and welcome any contributions of your time and talent. Both pledge and time and talent forms are also available for electronic submission above by clicking on the navy blue “buttons” that say “Pledge Form” and “Time & Talent Form.” We appreciate you filling these out no later than April 30 to allow us time to budget responsibly. 

“Everything we have has come from God, and we give only what God first gave us!”
-1 Chronicles 29:14

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Mike Creal
Stewardship Committee, Chair

What is Pledging?

Pledging is the name we give to describe our annual giving commitment to the church. If you call FCC home, through membership or through your participation here, we ask that you consider making an annual commitment of giving by pledging. This allows us to create ministry opportunities for the year ahead and know we will have the support to do so.

Many of our members set up an ongoing monthly payment through direct debit or credit card, while others prefer to give in person during worship. If you are unable to fulfill your pledge because, well, life happens, you are in no way indebted or in a contract. We give as a response to the blessings in our lives and as a commitment to God and to the church.

If you have more questions about how to give, please contact Nancy Sauve, our FCC Bookkeeper. 

How It Breaks Down

table of giving options

The chart above provides sample annual giving amounts at various household incomes and giving levels.