Donating to The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor

Giving isn’t merely giving something to God, it’s giving back to what was God’s, to begin with. During worship, our minister often calls for the offering by saying, “As we have been blessed we now return a portion of that blessing through our offerings.” Through our sharing, we are able to bless those in our community who are in need of basic shelter and food and to live out our mission of being a beacon of God’s love, hope, and Christian freedom.

FCC changed our giving platform to create a better online giving experience for our community members. 
You can give using the form below, and within it choose one-time or recurring giving via credit card or bank transfer. 
If you have questions please contact the FCC office (734.662.1679).

Text an amount to (734) 821-6430

Simply text the amount you’d like to give to this number. First time givers will be prompted to provide their payment method via a secure web page.