We are a beacon of God’s love, hope, and Christian freedom. 


We strive to be a joyous spiritual home, welcoming and valuing all people, engaging God’s Word, and enriching lives. 

Our Core Values

Courage. We are committed to persevere and grow in the midst of challenges and opportunities. 

Joy & Positivity. We face life with open-mindedness, positivity and a generous spirit. 

Integrity. We build trust through a commitment to authenticity and guided by the humility of Christ. 

Compassion. We are a deeply caring faith community, demonstrating God’s universal love and mutual respect. 

Inclusivity. Whatever your story, we accept you as you are, and believe God’s doors are open to all. 

What is Congregationalism?  

As Congregationalists, we believe in the freedom and right of each person to have their own individual and personal relationship with God. We believe that no institution, not even a church, stands between God and us as individuals. To help us nurture our relationship with God, we have God’s grace, the Bible, prayer, worship, the accumulated wisdom of the ages, and a supportive community with which to journey.

As a local Congregational Church, we are locally autonomous.  We, the congregation, govern our own ministry, hire our own clergy, own our own property, envision our own call to service and worship, and define our own values and vision.  There is no ecclesial authority over us. As seekers, not holders, of truth, we agree to honor each other’s interpretation of the Bible and personal faith journey. We seek to affirm one another along life’s pathway while being held together by unconditional love.

The Origin of Our Values

The Congregational Church tradition dates back to1620 and the voyage of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower to the “New World.”  They came to America seeking religious freedom and an opportunity to worship and minister as a community of equals. From them, we have inherited a wonderful spiritual legacy, one that is uniquely suited to the needs of our contemporary world.

On March 23, 1847 there was a group of 48 Christians whose strong opposition to slavery set them apart in their church missions. Believing that God created all equally and that all are seekers and not holders of truth, they founded The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor. Following their legacy, our mission is to be a beacon of God’s love, hope and Christian freedom.

Resolution Reaffirming Our Commitment to Inclusion

The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor reaffirmed its commitment to inclusion with a resolution that was approved at a Special Congregational Meeting on December 11, 2016. Click below to read the resolution.