Tabitha’s Kindness

Scripture Reading: Acts 9:36-39 The Passion Translation

36 Now, there was a follower of Jesus who lived in Joppa. Her Aramaic name, Tabitha, means “gazelle.” She lived her life doing kind things for others and serving the poor. 37 But then she became very ill and died. After the disciples prepared her body for burial, they laid her in an upstairs room.

38 When the believers heard that Peter was nearby in Lydda, they sent two men with an urgent message for him to come without delay. 39 So Peter went with them back to Joppa, and upon arriving they led him to the upper room.

There were many widows standing next to Peter, weeping. One after another showed him the tunics and other garments that Tabitha had made to bless others.


Tabitha was the original Mother Teresa of Peter’s time. She was known for taking care of those in need. Even when she died people were talking about her good deeds and showing out of town visitors the clothes she had made for others. Through her kindness others learned about Jesus. 

Let’s take Tabitha’s lead and show others about Jesus through acts of kindness!


Dear God, thank you for the story of Tabitha. It’s a great reminder that acts done with love and kindness provide opportunities for others to be drawn to you. Amen.

Focus for the Day: Sharing Jesus through kindness.

Author: Rachel Dudley, Director of Children’s Ministry