I will live today with hope and optimism.

Text:  “Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5b NRSV

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 30


As we all know, this present and uncertain time has been an enormous challenge for so many people.  Fear of Covid-19 and its potential consequences.  Worry about loved ones and their wellness.  Concern for our communities, nation, and world.  Confusion about the next best steps toward opening up our economy and getting back to more normalcy.  Feelings of “quarantine fatigue.”  So many, many other things today!  Perhaps Psalm 30 can offer us some comfort and security today, as we place our hope in our God who “is, and was, and will always be.”  

Here, in Psalm 30, the Psalmist is facing the realities of life experienced here on earth.  For him, tough and challenging times are not a surprise.  Perplexing and difficult times are a common, but hard, part of everyday life.  However, even in the midst of those kinds of uncertainties, and even in the midst of trouble and vulnerability, the Psalmist knows that God is still and always present with him, and God’s power is still sufficient for him…for yes, weeping may linger for the night…..but JOY (that security and optimism we can experience at any time and within any circumstance) comes with the morning.  In other words, with God as our anchor and guide, tough times will not last forever. Indeed, good times, and more settled times, will return once again.

My friends, my prayer for you today is that this may be your hope and confidence!



Loving God, lift my spirit today with the kind of faith that reminds me of your steadfast love and powerful presence.  Help me to live with hope, knowing you are always with us, and that your will for us is always good.  Amen. 

Focus for the Day: I will live today with hope and optimism.

Author:  Bob Livingston