Senior High Ministry

Our high school ministry seeks to engage our 9th – 12th graders in their faith through retreats, mission trips, and Sunday morning discussions. We gather every other Sunday during the 10 am worship service to learn the sacred stories of our faith and engage with those stories to build the foundation of our values. We also incorporate the Our Whole Lives curriculum into our Sunday morning discussions. OWL is a lifespan sexuality curricula created for faith settings. In it, student learn communication styles and skills, and how to promote and participate in healthy relationships.

During the summer students participate in a week-long mission trip. We have served on Native American Reservations running children’s day camps, in Detroit rebuilding neighborhoods, in Appalachia improving housing needs, and even in Costa Rica.

If you have questions about our high school ministry or would like to be involved please contact Darcy Crain.

Testimony from a parent:

For both our children, our goals in having them participate in the rite of confirmation were to continue a tradition fundamental to our Christian faith, to provide them with a basic knowledge of our beliefs, and to allow them to make an informed choice regarding their faith going forward. We also wanted to give them a home within a faith community that corresponded with  our own progressive beliefs – to teach them that within Christianity, there are communities where all are welcomed. -Claire D.