Congregation and Stained Glass

Pledging at The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor

Pledging is the name we give to describe our annual giving commitment to the church. If you call FCC home, through membership or through your participation here, we ask that you consider making an annual commitment of giving by pledging. This allows us to create ministry opportunities for the year ahead and know we will have the support to do so. Many of our members set up an ongoing monthly payment through direct debit or credit card, while others prefer to give in person during worship. If you are unable to fulfill your pledge because, well, life happens, you are in no way indebted or in a contract. We give as a response to the blessings in our lives and as a commitment to God and to the church. If you have more questions about how to give, please contact Nancy Sauve, our FCC Bookkeeper. 



If you would like pledge your time and talents through volunteering on either boards or committees, or through some of our areas of Christian service such as music, baking, ushering, and building and grounds services, please fill out the time and talent form below.