Children and Youth Ministries

UPCOMING EVENT: World Communion Sunday October 6, 2019
Hello Parents,
Next Sunday, October 6th, is World Communion Sunday. The 6th-8th grade students will stay in the sanctuary and participate in the service with their families. The younger students will be given the option of attending church school after children’s circle.
Rev. Darcy Crain will teach a short lesson about communion to the Young 5 through 5th grade students during church school. After the lesson, there will be an opportunity for the kids to participate in communion, if they choose to participate. Rev. Darcy will lead this communion in the church school area.
Here is some important information Rev. Darcy would like you to know:
Age: ​At FCC, and in many congregational traditions, there is no age requirement for communion. We believe that communion is a holy sacrament; in our tradition we recognize two sacraments, baptism and communion (also called the Eucharist). The reason we do not require a minimum age is that we believe communion is about renewal and remembrance. We are all invited to Christ’s table.
Why Communion:​ We remember Jesus, his ministry, his life and his promises, through reenacting the last supper Jesus celebrated with his disciples and participating in it. This communal act of memory is an integral part of teaching the next generation about our faith.
Bread & Cup:​ We believe the bread and cup are symbols of Jesus body. We do not utilize the language of blood, especially when teaching it to children. I will teach it as a cup of blessing, and a symbol of the new covenant. We will talk about what it means to share this meal with other kids and their families across the world on this special Sunday.
Common communion questions and their answers are listed on the back of this letter. Please discuss this information with your family in advance. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Rev. Darcy at ​​ or to Rachel at​.
Common Communion Questions:Q:Is there wine in the cup?A: No. We use grape juice.

Q: Do the kids share a cup during communion?

A: No. The kids who choose to participate will dip their chunk of bread into the cup.

Q: What kind of bread is going to be used?

A: Large chunks of white wonder bread.

Q: What if my kid is gluten free?

A: Please notify Rachel Dudley, Director of Children’s Ministry, of this need. A separate cup of juice and gluten free crackers can be provided. (Contact Rachel at 734-926-0553 or ​​)
Q: Will the kids be required to participate and take communion?
A: No. The option to take communion after the lesson will be offered, never required.

Q: Does a kid have to be baptized before they are allowed to take communion?

A: Not at our church.

Q: Will kids have a chance to ask questions after the communion lesson?

A: Yes. Rev. Darcy will be ready to discuss any questions or concerns.

Q: May I have another piece of bread after eating my first piece?

A: Each person is given one piece of bread as part of the communion.