Art Fair


front of church

Art Fair 2024 Fundraiser

We contract with a couple of Ann Arbor’s art fairs to collect waste and recycling and to provide hospitality to Art Fair vendors at the Michigan Theater. The money raised goes to support our youth and intergenerational volunteer service trips. There’s always fun and fellowship with FCC members.

Hospitality Crew

Sign up to be part of our hospitality crew at the Michigan Theater. We will support the State Street area artists Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

    Several members of FCC art fair hospitality team.

    Rubbish & Recycle Team

    Sign up to help keep Art Fair 2024 clean! Even if you’re not up for hauling trash, you can support the R&R team at our Welcome Center daily from Wednesday through Saturday.

      Several members of FCC art fair recycle and rubbish team.