April 4, 2021


We rejoice, loving God, that you have raised Jesus Christ from the dead – that indeed new life blossoms where dead hopes we once buried.

Easter morning often surprises us and sometimes terrifies us.  We often have forgotten to look for your influence and presence in the midst of our living or new possibilities in the valleys of our despair.

Free us in Christ to trust in you.  In the resurrection, you have shown us that neither trouble nor persecution, neither hardship nor uncertainty, neither illness nor sorrow, neither danger nor even death itself, can separate us from your undying love.  In the resurrection, you have opened for us the gates of the abundant and the eternal.  In the resurrection you offer us the dynamo of new beginnings, and second chances, and a new hope.

Loving God, be especially this day with those who need a special touch of your grace and love and hope.  Seek those who are have run away from the empty tomb and need the comfort of your presence.  Grant peace to those who are afraid and struggling.  Give courage and care to those who despair.

On this bright and early Easter morning, O God, help us to leave behind our foolish hesitations and receive, instead, the joy or the good news that in the Easter event we have been awakened to a new and living hope.  Draw us into a community of love and freedom – where each and every person is affirmed and valued.  Work your new creation among us that we may serve you without fear, through the Risen Christ we pray.  Amen.