National Single Parent Day

Tomorrow is National Single Parent Day, it’s like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day but for single parents. It’s a day to honor those parents who are raising children alone. We asked some of our staff members to share their experiences and thoughts about their single parent experiences.

“I really hope that anyone who is a single parent is taking the day to relax though I know from experience just how hard that is. For me, I enjoyed being a single mom and I really tried to stay in every moment because I knew someday I might not be single and I would regret not being present. I was a single mom with an infant so I think that experience is unique in itself. Having had my second child, I feel like babies tend to prefer a singular parent and much of the workload is one person anyway. I think my experience would have been far more challenging with older children who might have questions or children who have a second parent. For us, we had a rhythm and though we had logistical challenges like working from home with a sick baby, or leaving work early to pick up a sick child, I think we did great. We had a lot of fun and we really bonded during those times. When we were ready to add to our family, we already had standards in place that were to be met or exceeded and I think that was the key to finding a partner. I didn’t miss having a partner so when I met someone I was a little surprised at how well everything just fit together. My advice, for what it’s worth, to single parents is to not be ashamed to date, to have a life and interests, and know that you’re doing a great job. Take the time to do things that make you happy because a happy you is a better parent. I think parents, in general, are guilted into believing self care is selfish and even more so for single parents. Moreover, if you know someone who is a single parent, take them a coffee, they need it, and offer an ear or time to chat. I think the hardest part of being a single parent is the loneliness that creeps in from not having the time for friends. I always appreciated friends who would come over and make dinner or just watch a movie with me.

….Crystal Harris, Communications Specialist”

“Tomorrow is National Single Parent Day.  I certainly believe single parents deserve such a week to be honored for their loving work as solo parents!  I, myself, was a single parent for a significant number of years when my two sons were growing up.  Let me just say, for me, being a single parent was both very challenging and very satisfying!  In my case, I was trying to be physically and emotionally present with my two sons, while also trying to be the minister of a church.  I must confess, juggling both of these important callings was often a bit perplexing and very demanding! However, looking back, I found these years to be filled with meaning and purpose, as well as many good reminiscences.  If I were asked to give some advice to single parents, it would be this: Stay true to yourself and to the values you hold most dearly.  Take time to make some good memories for your children to hang on to as they grow up.  And remember, parenting is not about perfection, it’s about doing the best you can each day to meet the complicated circumstances you will ultimately face, and then start fresh again the next day.  Please know my deepest respect and heartfelt prayers are reaching out to each and every one of you this week. 

Blessings….Bob Livingston, Senior Minister”