“Looking Up During Uncertain Times”

A Daily Devotional

Text:  Mark 11:15-19 & 12:38-44 International Children’s Bible

Scripture Reading: 

Jesus Goes to the Temple

15 Jesus returned to Jerusalem and went into the Temple. He began to throw out those who were buying and selling things there. He overturned the tables that belonged to the men who were exchanging different kinds of money. And he turned over the benches of the men who were selling doves. 16 Jesus refused to allow anyone to carry goods through the Temple courts. 17 Then Jesus taught the people. He said, “It is written in the Scriptures, ‘My Temple will be a house where people from all nations will pray.’[a] But you are changing God’s house into a ‘hideout for robbers.’”[b]

18 The leading priests and the teachers of the law heard all this. They began trying to find a way to kill Jesus. They were afraid of him because all the people were amazed at his teaching. 19 That night, Jesus and his followers[c] left the city.


Change can be hard! When Jesus starts to clean up the temple and return it back to a place of prayer he makes enemies quickly. Those in charge of the temple get so angry that it says they want to kill Jesus. Are their changes in your life that should happen but might be difficult? Jesus encourages us to make positive changes, even if they are hard!


Dear God, thank you for the reminder that positive changes are encouraged, even if hard. Amen.

Focus for the Day: Clean Up Difficult Messes

Author: Rachel Dudley, Director of Children’s Ministry