Focusing In A Loud World

A Daily Devotional

Text:  Mark 1:35-38 International Children’s Bible

Scripture Reading: 

35 Early the next morning, Jesus woke and left the house while it was still dark. He went to a place to be alone and pray. 36 Later, Simon and his friends went to look for Jesus. 37 They found him and said, “Everyone is looking for you!”

38 Jesus answered, “We should go somewhere else, to other towns around here. Then I can preach there too. That is the reason I came.”


Jesus has become a very well known public figure by the time this passage happens. The town he is staying in is filled with people who want to spend time with him and he is being treated like a celebrity. In the middle of the hype and excitement Jesus gets up early and finds a quiet place to pray. He stays focused on his goal and leaves the hype behind to go preach in another town. 

We have the opportunity to follow Jesus’ example! We can find a quiet place where we can pray, seek guidance from God, and plan out our next moves. The craziness and messiness of life don’t need to dictate our actions.


Hi God! Thanks for another story about how Jesus was level headed. It gives us a great example of how to deal with situations when the noise around us makes it hard to think clearly. Amen.

Focus for the Day: Focusing In A Loud World

Author: Rachel Dudley, Director of Children’s Ministry