Pastoral Prayer – RKL

October 18, 2020

Everpresent God, with the rising of the sun in the morning and until the going down of the same, your name is to be praised.   We thank you, God, for your loving and faithful presence which follows us through all our years and day. Grant us the strength of trust to hold on….and to believe….that even when we suffer, and even when the way seems unclear and uncertain….you are still near us and your love will never let us go…..that indeed you will go before us…and level the mountains of our concern, and trouble, and heartbreak, and fear. When we face times that are overwhelming and confusing, help us, O God, to seek your guidance, to hold fast to your promises, and to stay open to new occasions for service, growth, and new life.

O God, we pray today for those who are suffering…We also pray this morning for those who are ill, and for those who are recovering from recent procedures.  We pray for those who are hurting, and confused, and anxious…for those who are depressed, and grieving, and feeling helpless and hopeless…for those who are trying to do their best under these current pandemic circumstances that are beyond our control, and for those who may have lost their way. Touch these, and touch all of us, with your amazing grace…enfold us in your limitless love…lead us to a place that brings us toward wholeness and trust.

As we have been encouraged by the words of the Prophet Isaiah today, help us to live UP to the high ideals of our faith…as we seek to be followers of Jesus every day.

Finally, O God, be with us in our individual lives and our personal walks of faith…and be with us as we seek to be a community—to be a church–here at FCC where, no matter what one’s story….and no matter what our different faith understandings….ALL are welcomed….and ALL are valued and important…and all are celebrated for their unique and individual faith journeys.

O God, you are the hope of those who know you….the life of souls who love you….and the strength of those who seek to serve you……Enable us this week to live by faith, to walk in love and compassion, and to serve you and our world with gladness.