Artist: Alice Bohn

Right before our church building closed in March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FCC member Alice Bohn had graciously offered her artwork for display in the Mayflower Gallery. Those of us who did get to see it were lifted in spirit by the beauty of her work and were sorry so many others did not get a chance to view these lovely paintings. Many have inquired about it. Please click this link for your virtual stroll through this exceptional exhibit.

I am an American who was born in Guangzhou, China. Upon

arriving several decades ago, I fell deeply in love with the United

States of America. It is a great and beautiful country. I have

enjoyed working hard to learn and experience American culture.

I love life, nature and art. Through the art of painting, I want to

make good memories of my history. So, I followed two teachers,

Sharon Lee and Durwood Coffey, to learn print, watercolor, and


Hopefully, I will leave the most beautiful mark on this wonderful