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In-Person Worship Survey

Member directed reopening
  • Returning to Church Check-In

    Due to the construction now occurring in our church, the start of which was delayed by the recent Stay at Home order, there are code requirements for group gatherings we are unable to meet this summer, such as exit points from the sanctuary and the availability of restrooms. There is also a continuing concern about protecting the most vulnerable of our congregation, as the risk of Covid-19 remains. Therefore, FCC will not have any in-building church worship services or meetings until September at the earliest, though we will continue live-streaming our 10 a.m. Sunday morning worship services online on a weekly basis. We are also considering other alternative ways of gathering over the summer. You should know that FCC's leadership is committed to gathering in person only when the most vulnerable among us will be safe to join us. Further, we will continue to follow the recommendations of our State, the CDC, and science as we seek to open our church to congregants. So then, to better understand the expectations and comfort levels of you, our members, we are asking you to please fill out this 14 item multiple choice survey to help us plan effectively!
  • How Are You Doing?

    These next questions help us understand how you’re doing personally at this time. Please respond.