Construction Updates

Capital Campaign Construction Update

The dust is flying – Hopefully, you have seen our version of HGTV with Bob sharing what is going on at FCC on his video. If not please check it out so you can get the real picture. Bob hopes to do one of these on a regular basis. Sometimes like this first one, there will be lots to see but there will be times when lots is been done but for most of us it will be hard to discern. New waste lines under the floor are not as visible as tearing down walls.

What’s been happening – While we weren’t able to start construction lots has been happening. All of the areas where work will happen have been cleared out by a small but mighty group of our members. In addition, the Trustee Design Committee has been meeting with the contractor and architect weekly getting prepared for this start to the construction. We have been reviewing submittals (samples of all the products that will go into the project) to confirm that they match our understanding. We also have been responding to inquiries from the contractor to specific coordination questions and working those out with our architect.

What is happening – Before the contractor could start we needed to do some limited abatement of materials that were fine as they were but needed to be removed before lots of demolition could occur. The IT closet has been relocated from Nancy’s old office to get it out of the way for demolition and construction. This will provide more space in that room which will now serve as the receptionist office. Demolition started bright an early Thursday morning May 7 as allowed by the Governor’s phasing in of return to work. After that is complete the rough in phase will start.

Capital Campaign Fund Raising – Mike Dabbs will be providing a more detailed report on this but I am happy to announce that we are almost to our original target of $2M. We need about $50K more to get there. These additional funds are needed to provide the Owner supplied pieces of the project like furniture and moveable equipment. If you are able to help out we would appreciate being able to get the project as close to or original vision as possible.