FCC Buddy System

As we enter into this unknown time of virtual care and ministry, let’s bring back the buddy check system. Since you can’t touch people right now, don’t grab their hand and hold it up. But do grab your phone and send a text, an email, or dial a number. As pastors, we notice when we don’t see people for weeks on end. And contrary to popular guilt-induced belief, your pastors aren’t thinking, “well where in God’s name are those heathens and why aren’t they worshipping?” We are, however, thinking, “haven’t seen them in awhile, I hope they’re doing okay.” We will not see many of you for a number of weeks. We need help in making sure everyone is doing okay; now more than ever. If you are a member or friend of FCC and are willing to be a buddy, you will be paired up with someone. Make sure they’re accounted for.

A call, text, or email even once a week makes an incredible difference. For some, who live by themselves, this could be some of the only contact they receive. Your buddy check-in is as simple as asking how they are doing, how are they feeling, and if they have any immediate needs (e.g., groceries, etc.). You can relay any pastoral needs to Bob or Darcy.

Sign up to be a buddy, or sign up to be assigned one. Either way, we need your help to make sure all of our faith family is accounted for. It’s buddy check time FCC! 

Buddy System

FCC Buddy System Signup