September 29, 2020

Pastoral Prayer from September 27 Worship

Text: Psalm 139

Holy God we come to you in prayer from many circumstances and spirits. We come from busy households full of crying and laughter, dirty dishes and dirty laundry, and long to do lists. We come from quiet houses where we long for the person who is missing from their spot at the table or their place in the living room. We come from places of transition, where our children are launching as adults, or we are between jobs, or without, we are retired, waiting for health results, waiting for surgery, waiting for 2020 to finally be over. You meet us at each and every one of at our places, and through your spirit call us together. Through your will, you bind us together, reminding us, from the beginning of creation, that it is not good for humans to be alone. And so, from many places and circumstances, we come together to walk this path of discipleship, no matter what challenges it brings. 

God we pray for our nation; for you have created us with more integrity than we currently show forth. You have created us good; and charged us to care for our creation and care for the least and the last. You created us equal, man and woman; culture and color. Help us live into who you created us to be and what you have called us to do; justice, humility, kindness. 

God sometimes we prefer to do it on our own. Usually we think we can, sometimes we think we can even do it better; or it’d be easier. You remind us, through the words of your psalmist that there is nowhere we can flee from you. No form of stubborn or independence will shake you from our life. No colossal mess up or failure will fling us from your care. You know us in and out, and strangely, love us in spite of all you see; the good, the bad, and the vulnerable. As we continue through what seems to be the most isolating couple months many of us have faced in a long time, perhaps ever, we thank you for never leaving our side. We thank you that we have never walked alone. We thank you for wiring us to be in community; which is why, when we find ourselves 6 feet apart we hurt, we feel anxious, and we long for contact. Because we weren’t wired for this. And eventually this too shall pass. And we know that while we wait, you are with us. Closer than 6 feet. Holding us, bidding us near, and sending us out to do your work in the world. Thank you for never letting us go. Amen. 

Rev. Darcy Crain