Pastoral Prayer

from Sunday, August 9, 2020

By Rev. Robert Livingston

Loving God, life, as we know it…and as we experience it…is often a matter of choice and response.   Each one of us is born with incredible freedom…and eternal worth….and beautiful uniqueness…..Indeed, we are ALL created in your divine image. HOW we choose to live then, and where we look for meaning, is our response to you.

So, today, O God, we come to you just as we are…some days doing well, and other days not so well. We come, not because we are in any way perfect, but because we are aware of our clay feet, and we seek your love and guidance.  We come NOT because we have any particular edge on the “do everything right” market, but because we are aware of our need for your compassion and grace in our lives…in order that we may become the whole people you would want each of us to be.

O God, like Joseph…you invite us into a trusting relationship with YOU…and you help us to discover what it means to be a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ.  Like Joseph, you invite us to plunge ourselves into the everyday of life with its uncertainties and celebrations, with its troubles and joys, with its failures and successes, with its disappointments and glories, with its hardships and liberations…and You urge us to respond to your presence and grace with acceptance, positive expectation, faith, and hope.  Help us to do so.

Loving and Everpresent God….Give us the will to follow your lead…..and the commitment to accept your guidance… we seek to walk the faithful way of optimism and trust.

Make us strong and resilient with your strength.

Make us wise with your wisdom.

Help us to care for ALL others and to celebrate their successes…without rivalry or contention…but with grace and dignity. 

And empower us to follow the path of love, kindness, and truth.

May our lives may be clothed with perseverance and grace…. and inspired by your uncompromising and unconditional love.

In the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob we pray.