Loyal Helper

Full Text:  1 Samuel 18-20 International Children’s Bible (ICB)

Scripture Reading: 

1 Samuel 19:1-7 International Children’s Bible (ICB)

19 Saul told his son Jonathan and all his servants to kill David. But Jonathan cared very much for David. 2 So he warned David, “My father Saul is looking for a chance to kill you. Watch out in the morning. Hide in a secret place. 3 I will go out and stand with my father in the field where you are hiding. I’ll talk to him about you. Then I’ll let you know what I find out.”

4 Jonathan talked to Saul his father. He said good things about David. Jonathan said, “You are the king. Don’t do wrong to your servant David. He did nothing wrong to you. What he did has helped you greatly. 5 David risked his life when he killed Goliath the Philistine. The Lord won a great victory for all Israel. You saw it, and you were happy. Why would you do wrong against David? He’s innocent. There’s no reason to kill him!”

6 Saul listened to Jonathan. Then he made this promise: “As surely as the Lord lives, David won’t be put to death.”

7 So Jonathan called to David. He told David everything that had been said. And he brought David to Saul. So David was with Saul as before.

Reflection: David became so successful and popular that Saul became jealous to the point of wanting David removed. Saul’s son Jonathan was a loyal friend to David and repeatedly smoothed things over with his dad, to protect his friend. 

Are there people in your life who are threatened by others’ success? Are their people in your life who are as loyal as Jonathan? How can we make sure we are more like Jonathan and less like Saul?

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the people in our lives who are helpers and protectors. Amen.

Focus for the Day: Loyal Helper

Author: Rachel Dudley, Director of Children’s Ministry

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels