Text:  “Whoever walks with God walks in Light”

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 119:105


Whoever walks with God walks in Light. No one is turned away. All are welcome. I speak now of the eternal Light which brings hope to all the world. I speak now of God who is The Light of Life.

From my birth (and perhaps even before), you have graced me, O God, with loving family, friends, and surprising “chance” acquaintances. They have come to me in my every need, shared with me their experience of your presence in their lives. Now I am swept up in the power of ancient truths, yet not confined by ancient dogma, for some people have taught me to be a seeker. I am free to experience for myself the power of God-with-us, as they have done before. I rejoice and give thanks for this wonder-full foundation of faith.


Lord God, in joyous times, help me to be aware of your Light making even brighter my every happiness. When I am downcast, guide me that I may see you softening the shadows, making clear pathways in the darkness, illuminating new possibilities. Help me to remember and be certain that you are always present in my life, to be confident that our partnership is forever renewed. Each day is a new dawning. I give you thanks. Amen.

Focus for the Day:

And now, through quiet and through conversation, through pondering and through service, I pledge myself again to you. I would walk in the Light, I am so blessed, I would be a blessing. Grant me courage, grant me insight for the living of this day. The Light of your love and mercy surrounds and fills me. May it also shine through me. Selah.

Author:  Dorothy L. Lenz