Text:  Psalm 2:11   The Lord gives strength to his people. The Lord blesses his people with peace.

Reflection: Disclaimer: First of all, as your bookkeeper, I am the least qualified to write a devotional for you. So, here goes…

As much as I love being your bookkeeper, I love needlework even more. If I’m going to stitch something, it’s probably going to be a seventeenth century-style band sampler. In July 1990 I was working on the pictured needlework pouch. The last part, undone at that time, was the saying that would be stitched on the inside knowing I would see it almost daily. I had been pondering what I would stitch there for a while. Inspirational saying, Bible verse?

Then, the unthinkable happened. It was the Wednesday of a five-day Vacation Bible School run. Our beloved minister had unexpectedly died the evening before after going out to dinner with his wife. I was tasked with calling the families of my third-grade students. We cancelled VBS for the rest of the week yet every teacher, staff person and most of the volunteers showed up to the church to grieve and console each other on that Wednesday morning. This verse from Psalms was from my daily devotional for that day. Appropriate? I think so. Together we were strong enough to get through. It was terribly unsettling, but in time, together, we found peace.

Prayer: God of Peace, please give us all strength to deal with these unprecedented times.  Let us know your peace. Inspire us to pass that peace to those who need reassurance. Grant strength to those who are on the front lines and to those who are afflicted with sickness. Amen.

Focus of the Day: If you’re not feeling strong today, reach out. If you’re feeling strong today, reach out.

Author:  Nancy Sauve, Bookkeeper