Text: “O God, do not keep silent, be not quiet, O God, be not still.” –Psalm 83:1

As I write this from my kitchen table I watch the snow fall, silently, steadily, and I would say beautifully but it is mid-April and now I just find it rude. At this moment of early morning there is a peace and quiet in my house that is almost eerie. I don’t hear birds (they’re probably on their way back South utterly confused), I don’t hear cars or airplanes, I don’t even hear the children; I just watch the snow falling. I feel a peace that I haven’t experienced since our world changed in March. There is a comfort and safety in the quiet. I feel almost guilty for leaning back into it. Surely there’s something I should be doing to interrupt the silence. People are dying and scared and my job is to preach the love and comfort of Jesus. I should not be quiet.

As I was reading a Psalm, this verse jumped out at me. It is a prayer, a petition for God to keep neither quiet nor still.

As I bask in this moment of blissful peace and quiet; God is not still. God is working. I think this is why I struggle to enjoy these moments guilt-free. I forget that it’s not up to me to save the world, to present my list of completed tasks as if God is waiting with a red pen to mark up my worth. God is already at work. God is not keeping silent or quiet. God is not still.

I can lean into the peace of this morning because I will soon do my part to join God in breaking the silence. But in this moment, I will gratefully accept this gift. I will accept the stillness and quiet because I know that God is not still but at work in a world that is hurting. On this snowy day I am grateful for the moment of quiet. I am most grateful, however, that God is not silent.

Focus: Peace, stillness

Prayer: God help us to enjoy gifts of peace and quiet when they are presented. Remind us that you are ever at work in our world and as we are refueled may we join you in breaking the silence.

Author: Darcy Crain