Text:  “I lift up my eyes to the hills – from where will my help come?”

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 121

Reflection: The one thing I keep telling myself these days is to remember to breathe. The whole world is in ‘flight mode’, running from the disaster that we cannot quite see (yet). COVID-19 is coming, they say.  Self-isolate, they say. Okay, but, where does peace come from in times of turmoil like this time we are in now? I think peace comes from our personal relationship with God and with life, itself. It comes from that deep, cleansing breath. When we hold our breath, or shallow breathe, we cause stress levels to go up and cortisol levels to rise, causing our immune systems to be compromised. For me, breathing is like prayer. I breathe in the life and love that is graced to me by God, I exhale the love and grace that is now mine to share. It is this help from God, this breath of life, which sustains me and keeps me from the storm. My hope for you today is that you will remember to breathe deeply of the love and grace which is God and thereby allow yourself to relax a bit, knowing where our help comes from.


All knowing and ever present God, thank you for this life. When we look to the hills for help, may we feel Your precious spirit in every breath we take. Fill us with the strength and courage to see ourselves through these difficult days.  Help us to be a light to others when darkness is all they see. Please protect all your children. Bring comfort to those who are suffering today. May all know Your loving presence is a constant in our lives and may we find solace in that knowledge, from this time on and forevermore.  Amen. 

Focus for the Day:  Remember to breathe deeply of God’s love and grace.

Author:  Robbie Sawitski, Interim Administrative Assistant