2020-2021 Annual Meeting

Call to FCC Annual Meeting

All covenant members of the church are called to the annual meeting on Sunday, June 14 at 11:15am. The meeting will be held over Zoom video conference platform.  The Annual Report will be presented and we will vote on the 2020-21 budget as well as the slate of nominees for officers of FCC.

     Zoom link:

            (to phone in to Zoom meeting:   )

An Informational meeting will be held on Sunday, May 31 at 11:15 where more details of the budget will be presented and members can ask questions. This will also be held over Zoom.

      Zoom link:

           (to phone in to Zoom meeting:   )

Instructions and guidelines for members:

   It is best if you can use a computer, ipad or smartphone so that you can see the speakers as well as documents being shared. It will also be easier for you to participate. If you do not have access to one of these, you can phone in to the meeting.

     We will have a Zoom practice session for anyone who would like to join, but especially for those who may not have used Zoom.

Zoom practice session: Wednesday, May 20, 5:30pm:


  Zoom tips for FCC meetings:

    To ask a question or comment, you can ‘raise your hand’ by clicking on the “Reactions” button on the toolbar at the bottom of the zoom window. This will also be used for voting.

   You can also ask a question through the “chat” pane which can also be accessed through the toolbar at the bottom.


Zoom Info and Annual Meeting set up

n  ‘Host’: Ellen

Admits people, watches for raised hand, mutes/unmutes people

n  Meeting facilitator: Lynda

Runs meeting, calls on presenters, watches for raised hands (with Mitchell), calls on people, calls for motions and votes

n  Screen sharer: Betsy

Shares screen with budget, nominations, etc.

n  ‘Chat’ moderator:

Keeps an eye on the chat room for questions and comments

n  Vote counters:

Count raised hands when vote is called; chat will have additional votes from same household

Check for any who have called in by phone.